Malay-English and Chinese-English Translator specializing in Medical, Science, Patents & Certificates

About Me

My background

I have an established scientific background with a D.Phil. in Pediatric Molecular Genetics from the University of Oxford, UK. 

I grew up in a trilingual environment (English, Malay and Mandarin). I have lived in the UK, USA and Malaysia, while my travels have taken me to the European continent, South America, and East Asia.

What I offer

I am a meticulous worker who translates not just words but the idea behind a text. It is important to me that you receive a translation that is accurate and reads like an original.

I am the “go to” translator for almost every agency I work with. And to top it all off, I am also known to have a short turnaround time.

My past work

State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) Regulations, National Standards (medical equipment, product registration for medical devices, PRC drug registration, China High-Tech Industry), Instruction Manuals, numerous academic journal publications (e.g., Chinese Journal of New Drugs, Chinese Journal of Drug Dependence, Chinese Journal of Organic Chemistry), Continuing Medical Education on antihypertensive drugs, medical newspiece, biotechnology/organic chemistry theses, clinical studies (toxicology, pharmacokinetic studies), clinical trial materials (Case Report Forms, Handbook for Clinical Investigators, Informed Consent Forms, patient diaries, quality of life assessment, patient evaluation and questionnaires, patient information booklet), food product/drug/medical device labels and packaging, skin care product manual, spectrophotometric test methods, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), patent applications (mechanical tools, chemical treatment, chemical preparations, technical, telecommunications networking), legal materials (patent disputes, court briefs), aptitude tests, License & Registration Materials, Certificates (diploma, birth, death and marriage certificates), Healthcare Professional and Patient Materials, US Legal System, and many more!